John J Hodgson

The Master Miniaturist

john, Sue and daughters at show

John’s Last Show 2021

For those new customers not knowing Johns work, he visited stately homes and private homes to photograph, measure and draw the pieces before being able to duplicate them in miniature. At the Kensington festival in May, I was able to display some of his wooden pieces and also to show pictures of some very elaborate items in our own collection. I showed tiny very delicate pieces of fretwork all hand-cut, every detail worked out to perfection to create the furniture and the room settings. Over forty years of work.

I also showed the photograph of his miniature easel where he painted his miniature paintings.

We continue with all your orders, at the same time showing a couple of earlier pieces re-created, ie. a table plat introduced some years ago by John. It is a French style table with leather top, hand painted black lacquer, gilt detail and three opening drawers on one side with three faux drawers on the other. We have painted a Louis XV style side chair to match with leather upholstery.

Another item not seen for a while is the rectangular gilt mirror, ideal over a table as a pier mirror.

On the website you will see different painted colour ways, and many different fabrics. We are not able to show every different combination, so let us know your requests and if we can help you design the look you want in your miniature collection, Please e mail with any queries. We look forward to hearing from you  – Sue 

Please note that our miniature furniture pieces are collectors pieces not toys for children.