Miniature Paint Finish




Louis XV style arm chair hand -painted vellum/gilt (French light green shade) and upholstered in  blue/gold silk damask.
At one time all our metal miniature furniture was gilt, and then we developed a range of painted miniature items.  We found that not everyone wanted the bright finish of the gilt, and in many room settings, the ‘softer paint finish was preferred.

We chose to use two colours, the ‘vellum’ colour (a pale French shade of green) and the ‘manila’ colour ( a cream shade). Looking at these two Louis XV style arm chairs, it shows the difference in the painted effects, the one on the right being a cream shade and version on the left a pale green shade.

I have been told that for those wishing to paint their rooms to match the vellum colour, the Farrow and Ball ‘Bone’ colour is the nearest shade.

Louis XV style arm chair hand-painted manila/gilt (cream shade) and upholstered in a bird design taken from Anne's bedroom at Fairfax House in York, printed by Susan Bembridge Designs.

John sprays the furniture with the colour, and then the fine detail is hand-painted with a gold leaf paint.  As I say, this gives a ‘softer more 'subdued look to the room, than the gilt finish. 

We have three different finishes for the furniture, the gilt, and the two painted colours i.e (vellum/gilt and manila/gilt).

It is not always possible to show every piece of miniature furniture upholstered in every different design of fabric.  We have quite a large range of fabrics of our own, and also use Susan Bembridge’s  designs.

Looking through the website, you may find a piece of miniature furniture you like, but it does not have the upholstery of your choice. You may see the fabric you like on a different item or see fabric on Susan Bembridges website which you would prefer.  If this is the case, please contact and we will be happy to upholster the piece in the fabric of your preference.

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