Miniature Gilt Furniture



Shortly before 1720, in the rich town and country houses, a very flamboyant style of gilded furniture, still suggestive of foreign taste, became fashionable.  Certain characteristics of this type existed during the reigns of Charles II and James II, but the development of gilded furniture which took place through the 18th century, is a very distinctive feature of this time.

Reception rooms were furnished with gilded console tables, sofas, chairs and card tables.  You will see similar designs portrayed in miniature in the gilt pieces shown in this range.

Our miniature gilt furniture, mirrors and frames have been gold plated by using the electro-plating method.  The gold used is 22 carat gold, and gives a very luxurious and distinctive finish.  Sometimes the gilt finish is very bright, and other times is a little more subdued, but is always gold, and not a paint.

It is not always possible to show every piece of furniture upholstered in every different design of fabric.  We have three different finishes for the furniture, the gilt, and the two painted colours i.e (vellum/gilt and manila/gilt)
We have quite a large range of fabrics of our own, and also use Susan Bembridge’s  designs

Looking through the website, you may find a piece of miniature furniture you like, but it does not have the upholstery of your choice. You may see the fabric you like on a different item.  If this is the case, please contact Sue at

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